Saturday, May 23, 2009

Don't Walk Alone

Connecting with our fellow travelers as we journey through life is what living is all about. At the end of our voyage, it is in how we had touched our fellow sojourners' lives and allowed them to touch our own which is all that matters.

A painting by Joey Velasco, a Filipino artist, "Kalakbay/Fellow Traveler


  1. wow. interesting blog! think ill visit this more often..

  2. very interesting images. They could mean many different things and it has a great meaning. Good posts and pictures. What a great post and I am sorry that you lost all your comments. Next time, there is a way to save yourself from that happening, I am just not sure how.

  3. What an awesome image! I love the words below, how often we forget what life can be.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful post - for the words of the TRUTH. You have voiced my own dream - you talk in the name of all who here and comprehend the light.
    Let's put nice theory of walking not alone to the practice - You are welcomed to my blog and I think that the word of the mouth will do the rest. We all will recognize ourselves in a hug of real friends.
    Thank you, my dear.