Friday, May 8, 2009

My Own Code Of Ethics

My being in this World is no accident. My Creator has put me here for a reason. The life that the Author Of My Being has breathed unto me is not free. It is a gift I have to pay back if it has to have meaning.

I must live my life in constant pursuit of the “ultimate good” not just for me but for the rest of humanity of which I am a part. It is the only way I could pay life back.

I would never let others define how I should live my life. They do not have the right. The right rests solely on me. But I must recognize that said right is not absolute. It must always be tempered by what is fair and just.

My life is my own responsibility. I would never surrender that responsibility to any other being nor entity. In the same regard, I would never put the blame on the way my life would turn out on anyone or anything but me. The forces of evil can make life miserable for me but it is my choice to either fall victim to the evil befalling me and be bitter with life or emerge from it as a survivor and much more determined to pursue the best I want my life to be.

I must constantly remind myself of the inherent goodness of man. It is the only way, I could stir myself away from letting hate consume my being. Believing that good lives even in the most evil of souls is an act of affirmation of the good person that I would always work out to turn myself to be.

I must admit to my human imperfections. Knowing that it is human to err would allow me to be kinder to myself when I fall and to offer a helping hand to others when they stumble. But I must be careful not to let my human frailties be an excuse to stop me from living my life to the fullest.

Note: This is the introductory part of of my personal code of ethics, I am currently trying to formulate. Much of these ethical formulations are lessons I learned from so many years of living. Life can be ironic. You learn from life as you go on and live, only to find out you do not really have much time left to really live all that you have learned. But maybe that is really what life is all about. Learn as you live and live what you learn. I am sharing it here in the hope that to one soul out there it makes a difference.

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