Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Poem For This Blog From A Poet I Admire

Sound Sans Sense*

A sense of meaning in a false message

Words drip endlessly from your lips
You speak of wisdom and experience
Yet my mind can do without

A sound rings truth among lies
A pink pearl among a sea of black
You speak of knowledge and intelligence
Yet my mind can do without

A silent word is spoken for truth
We listen between the words themselves
You speak nothing at all this time
Yet everything is understood

-Poem by Dragon Blogger

Poem written by Dragon Blogger for">Sound Sans Sense, you can read more of Dragon Blogger poetry at">Wanderer Thoughts and play the Daily Random Twitter poem on Twitter by following">@dragonblogger<


  1. This is a great poem. how good of Justin to compose for you one. Paging Justin, lol,,,Oh I know someone too who composes

  2. I am glad you like the poem. It is really great of Justin to write one for this blog. You are a great writer too. I would love the day your work would also grace the pages of this blog. Paging Jena...

  3. Wow, I heard the silence while reading your poetry. Thank you for ... that's hard to explain and maybe it is even the needless, because the hot Thank You came out of my lips while reading, and everything else was swallowed by my applause.
    I was proud of adding your link to my blog under "you might find this interesting"
    welcome to my art by Tomas.
    I would greatly appreciate your reciprosal link.