Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Closer Look At Life

Am I living my life consciously? 

That is one question, we should all be asking ourselves. There is much more that each one of us could do than we think possible. We have left the industrial age and moved to the age of the mind. Each tick of the minute, scientists and philosophers are discovering the incredible powers that man possess. This new age opened to us an immense opportunity to create a better world for us. Sadly, it could also lead us to our decimation as a human race.

But there is great hope in the horizons. Never before in man’s history have there been massive movements of people seeking to be more critically aware of the life that they are living. The question of  the sustainability of our lifestyle and the kind of development we are pushing ourselves into continues to permeate the minds of more and more people. 

Through the centuries great minds have tried to drum into our consciousness the great potential within ourselves to effect change. Not many listened. Not until today when it is beginning to dawn to many of us that our survival as a people depends on how we could harness that potential within each of us to make the necessary changes first within ourselves and then in the world we live in. But while there is much that we can do by ourselves, there is more we could achieve if we learn to do things together. Our lives are interconnected. That we should never forget. To think that the way we live our lives does not have anything to do with the life of one emaciated child somewhere in Somalia is one sad refrain we ought to stop singing. We must trace the connection and when we find it, together we must examine where it went wrong  and take a conscious action to make it right.

It is imperative if we are to live our lives consciously to give thought to issues such as:

  • How we are living our lives and how this is affecting others;
  • Our whole philosophy of development, both at the personal and community level,  and how this impacts on the planet and all that live on it,
  • Reexamining our traditions, our beliefs and our behaviors and how they affect our results in life. 

Living consciously is a must if we are to survive as a people. It is time we take a critical look into our lives and ask the question we posed at the onset. Am I living my life consciously?


  1. I really wish there are more of us asking that question to ourselves of only to make this world a better place to live in.

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  3. Thank you for the convincing article that enables us to smile consciously and grasp the responsibility for sharing the greetings - to use the incredible power of mind wisely.

  4. This certainly leaves one with much to ponder...

  5. This certainly leaves one with much to ponder...

  6. Most of the time I think I am however, there are times when I loose focus thus your post has given me more to think about.

    Great ideas I always say divide and conquer..create a team and take the world...

    Dorothy from grammology