Thursday, March 4, 2010

How The Ego Dominates And Hides Your True Self

What is the one reason that most societies don't work very well, since the start of Sumer, the cradle of civilization?

Why is the history of humankind a miserable one?

What keeps us from living lives full of hope, harmony, and flourishing success?
It is domination.

Western Civilization started in the squabbling little islands called Greece. This birthplace of democracy enforced its ideas through war and strife. Since then the history books have been written by those who won the wars.

The history of humanity is generally a miserable one because it is a history of domination. It's supreme accomplishment will be the destruction of the world with nuclear technology.

Domination, at it's extreme, is through the military powers. But it also trickles down through politics, the science of force and control, economics, the art of manipulation of resources, and many other agencies of any society.

What domination has always contributed to human welfare is misery. The more domination, the more aggressively it is enforced, the greater the amount of misery
you will find.

Domination is what has been invented by the ego to keep itself highly insecure. The ego thrives on fear, enjoying experiencing it and imposing it on others.

Domination stems from egoism. It's opposite is partnership with all. This arises from
spirituality. However, the main models of spirituality, the major religions, have also been subjected to the desires of the ego and become instruments of domination.

The only way to develop true spirituality is to find the force of love within yourself and extend it to others in the form of a partnership.

Why does the ego seek fear when the real nature of consciousness is pure intelligence, love, and harmony?

It is because it is a veil that covers your Self, the deathless part of you.

The ego is that part of you that believes that your mind and your body, your life and all your experiences, are extremely limited and survival is the purpose of life.

Yet human life is fugacious. It does not last long. All models of domination crumble under the weight of time. The effort to survive forever in a human form is doomed from the start.

Would it not be better to begin a search for the best part of you, the deathless part, that came into this realm of experience to know more, love more, and experience itself more fully?

The deathless soul once it learns to move beyond fear into love, once it learns to shrug off its self-created nemesis, the ego, will see that only by living in a spirit of partnership with all life is anything worthwhile.

What can you do to change your life?

Stop living out the dictates of your ego and start to come from your heart. You will then find the right work, the right relationships, and the right way to experience the happiness hidden within.

All models of domination are egoic. They come to grief sooner or later. But who you are is more than you believe yourself to be. You are consciousness exploring itself in a world of infinite possibilities.

By Saleem Rana
 Original Art courtesy of The Topps Vault eBay Auctions

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